contoh jawaban IELTS writing task 2

Contoh jawaban IELTS writing task 2

Berikut adalah model answer atau contoh jawaban IELTS writing task 2 dengan tema pendidikan dan bahasa yang diambil dari Cambridge English IELTS 9: 31. Soal ini adalah soal keuntungan-kerugian dengan opini (advantage-disadvantage with opinion) (lihat struktur esai IELTS writing task 2 untuk melihat urutan paragrafnya). Jawaban yang disuguhkan setara dengan IELTS band 8+ . Selamat menikmati! 


Some experts believe that it is better for children to begin learning foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school.

Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantage?


A trend preferring elementary education for starting learning a second language as opposed to secondary education has been becoming increasingly topical recently. Regardless of the arguable drawbacks, I completely agree with the idea mentioned and argue for its beneficial superiority, notably owing to the academic impacts.

The main benefit of starting learning another language formally at about 7 years old is the large possibility to master the material easier. This is because rarely do the children on those ages experience considerable inhibitions as their seniors in the next level of education normally witness. By contrast, elementary students mostly assimilate that communication skill in self-comfort ways resulted from pressure-less, game-centered, and supportive environments of elementary education. Consequently, they are likely to practice confidently and gain more abilities. A study in 2008 vindicates empirically the idea by demonstrating that children who commence studying a non-native language at primary school accomplish advanced level faster and more convenient than those who begin learning at secondary school.

The salient demerit of this probably is that it could cost early golden time of primary students to found basic subjects which are economically seem more important, such as math and natural sciences. Middle or high schools then are opted in this case since those allegedly useful sciences are considered too vital to be sacrificed in the earlier educational stage for linguistic-related competencies which might turn to be more immaterial lately after the advent of cutting-edge direct translational applications. Nonetheless, this opinion is questionable since practicing other languages could strengthen memory and concentration, which, doubtlessly, would be valuable eventually. Thereby, spending the time to learn foreign language remains one of the most strategic steps for achieving better overall student achievement.

In conclusion, despite the negative aspect of risking opportunity in studying demanded subjects, the intellectual merits of picking up non-mother tongue for children in primary school are clearly ample to repudiate the possible setbacks.   

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